AERGO | 4th Generation “Enterprise Ready” Flexible Hybrid Blockchain & Distributed IT Ecosystem

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AERGO aims to develop an open source blockchain protocol that is “enterprise ready”. Using their platform, businesses and developers would be able to easily design, build and deploy their applications onto the blockchain within the cloud, with the option of deploying on either public or private blockchains. As a next-generation blockchain, AERGO aims to resolve the issues of IT integration, software development, privacy, scalability, and interoperability that exists in today’s blockchains. AERGO seeks to be the first to provide features such as SQL, reactivity and isomorphic programming. It will also introduce a new software stack comprised of SQL, AERGO and Meteor.

The goal is to create a platform for developers to easily build and deploy decentralized applications (dApps) within the cloud with faster transaction speeds and lower operational costs. The project is supported and developed by Blocko Inc., a blockchain infrastructure provider founded in 2014 with operations in the UK, South Korea, and Hong Kong. AERGO will be utilizing Coinstack, a permissioned blockchain solution developed by Blocko that enables users to share data with third parties in a secure and efficient manner and has already been deployed to 25 million users around the world. Blocko works with a number of established companies including Cisco, Hyundai-Kia Motors, KRX Korea Exchange, IBM, Microsoft Azure, SK Telecom, Lotte Card, Samsung SDS, LG CNS, etc. The AERGO platform is comprised of three major components: AERGO Chain, AERGO Hub and AERGO Marketplace.

AERGO Website:
AERGO Telegram:
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Token Tank Presents: AERGO

1:00 What is AERGO?
2:56 What does “4th generation blockchain” mean?
4:42 What is the relationship between BLOCKO and AERGO?
6:34 What problems is AERGO trying to solve?
7:22 AERGO’s solutions to these problems.
9:23 DPos Consesus
12:00 AERGO Marketplace
12:45 AERGOFS (File System)
13:24 AERGO Ecosystem (5 components)
14:07 Token Utility: “AERGO Bits”
15:14 What is AERGO’s “go-to-market” strategy?
16:43 Competitors
18:14 The Team
19:33 Key backers (VCs)
20:12 Roadmap
21:16 What does AERGO plan to do with the money raised?
22:47 Strengths vs Weaknesses
23:49 How does AERGO plan to expand beyond Korea?
25:02 Final thoughts…

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