Lowcap Coin Fundamental Analysis

Posted by Chef

In this video I show you my process of Low-Cap coin research. I also extend a hand to any viewers; would you like to help create a massive spreadsheet of Low-Cap coins? If you do, leave a comment 🙂

If not, that’s ok. Here is a free download of my spreadsheet. It includes all my research so far.


I would greatly appreciate any help with this spreadsheet.

I also asked for help on this bitcointalk thread.


Here is my process in text:

After choosing the coins that make the list, I do a 10-15 minute scan over each coin’s [ANN] page on Bitcointalk, Twitter, Github and their website. I sniff around to see if:

Is the community active? Is the administrator active? How often are members of the community posting? How many different community members are posting? When was the last software update?

How active is their Twitter? Any Crypto Twitter people talking about it? Does it seem like a scam? how much do they reply to comments & tweets?

Is their Github active? Does it align with their roadmap? How any commits does it have?

Is the website easy to navigate? Is it trying to be too fancy? Are they focusing on making people money or actually building a usable product?

If the answers to these questions are pleasing, I highlight the coin green to mark that I will do an even deeper dive into the coin’s history and figure out if they have a shot at climbing up the ranks of the marketcap ladder.

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