Vechain Mainnet Launch Guide

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Vechain Thor Mainnet (VET) is launching tomorrow – this epic moment is the result of 3 years of labor for the Vechain Team. The mainnet will also bring about a token change, where Vechain (VEN) tokens will be swapped to Vechain Thor tokens (VET) at a 1:100 ratio. On top of this the Vechain network will start generating VeThor – the fuel that powers the Vechain network and her dapps.
0:30 Whats Vechain Mainnet launch
1:08 VEN token swap
1:45 VeThor currency – the fuel to power Vechain
2:30 VeThor vs VET
3:35 Authority Master Nodes (AM) and Mainnet Launch
3:48 VEN token swap information
4:30 Generating VeThor
4:40 Vechain Wallet Details
5:59 Vechain Mainnet – What’s the Benefit

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